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Vincent R. Waldron, Ph.D.


 Dr. Vince Waldron conducts research on the communication practices that sustain healthy, vibrant, and just relationships. In his most recent books (co-authored with colleague Douglas Kelley), Communicating Forgiveness and Marriage at Midlife, Dr. Waldron reports on the experiences of romantic couples who remain resilient in the face of significant relational challenges and life transitions. Other recent research examines the effects of retirement on friendships and family support systems. Dr. Waldron also studies forms of communication that span the boundaries of work and family life. His current book project (Communicating Emotion at Work) synthesizes two decades of research on how the regulation of emotion at work affects employees and their families. Dr. Waldron teaches courses in organizational and interpersonal communication as well aging studies. He played a key leadership role in ASU’s lifelong learning programs for retirement-aged students and provides faculty guidance for a scholarship program for nontraditional students (the Osher Reentry Scholars program). A professor in ASU’s Communication Studies program, Dr. Waldron currently directs the Family Communication Consortium.


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Jeffrey Kassing

Jeffrey Kassing, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Community Engagement


 Dr. Jeff Kassing conducts research on communication and sport with a particular focus on youth sports. Within this body of work he has examined coach-athlete relationships in high school sports, parent/fan communication at youth sporting events, aggression in sports, and factors that contribute to the continuation or termination of sport participation by young girls. He planned, developed, and hosted the Communication and Sport Summit and the Keeping Girls in Sport Symposium at Arizona State University. He also has presented on communication and youth sports at local high schools, universities, and national scholarly association meetings. In another line of research, Dr. Kassing and colleagues explored parents’ use of corporal punishment as a compliance gaining tactic. His publications on these topics appear in Communication Yearbook, the International Journal of Sport Communication, the Western Journal of Communication, Communication Research Reports, and Human Communication.


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Douglas Kelley

Douglas Kelley, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Educational Initiatives


 Dr. Douglas Kelley studies communication within families. Specifically, his research focuses on how couples negotiate relational expectations and transgressions within marriage. His two books, Communicating Forgiveness and Marriage at Midlife (both coauthored with Vince Waldron), focus on relational and lifespan challenges and transitions for couples. His current project, Marital Communication, examines how the long-term, committed, romantic nature of marriage creates a unique context for the development and management of intimacy, love, and conflict. Dr. Kelley is on the editorial board for The Journal of Family Communication and has published in such outlets as the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Journal of Applied Gerontology, and Human Communication Research. He teaches relationship-based courses such as Family Communication, Conflict and Negotiation, Relational Communication, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, and Inner-City Families. Dr. Kelley is a frequent speaker at local churches and other community organizations regarding marriage and family communication.


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Carla Fisher

Carla L. Fisher, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Research


Dr. Carla L. Fisher’s conducts research on the centrality of family communication to wellness across the life span. She specializes in the intersection of family, health, and developmental issues particularly how families communicatively adapt to aging and health transitions, therapeutic implications of intergenerational interaction, and associations between family communication and longitudinal health outcomes. She has explored such issues in the contexts of cancer, genetic testing, geriatric caregiving, and eating disorders. Her recent research, funded by the NIA and to be published with Hampton Press, examined how women diagnosed with breast cancer in young, middle, and later adulthood adapt through mother-daughter communication. She has spoken at community events and collaborates with cancer centers like Mayo Clinic and Memorial Sloan Kettering to conduct and implement research into psychosocial services. She teaches family, health, and life-span communication courses; serves on the editorial board of Journal of Family Communication; and as Vice-Chair of NCA’s Communication and Aging Division.


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Dayna Koebler

Dayna N. Kloeber, M.A.
Graduate Fellow


Dayna Kloeber is a faculty associate of communication studies in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. She teaches Conflict and Negotiation (COM312), Oral History and Storytelling (COM342), and Public Speaking (COM225). Dayna’s initial expertise began in public rhetoric. She has two award-winning, published speeches, and in 2003 and 2004 she represented Arizona at The Interstate Oratorical Association National public speaking contest. In recent years, her focus expanded to include interpersonal and family communication research. Dayna’s research addresses the communication of conditional forgiveness in romantic relationships. Of particular intrigue, she seeks to understand the theoretical boundaries and intersections of forgiveness and reconciliation, and believes the answers can be best understood by listening to how people communicate forgiveness. Other collaborative research projects include examining memorable moral messages between parent-child dyads, and she has jointly published work about forgiveness in problematic work relationships and marriage at mid-life. Equally important to Dayna is community and academic service; she has held myriad leadership positions over the past 18 years.


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